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Sleeparound Town
Songs of Puberty

Sleeparound Town is a musical stage show about puberty. Performed by a cast of five adolescents, it is more a revue of songs than a storyline type of musical. What line there is follows a group of children from the first signs of hormonal change to full freakishness. It was workshopped at the New York Public Theater in 1978, directed by Kernochan and produced by Joseph Papp; and again at Playwrights Horizons in New York, with Tom Hulce directing.


Sleeparound Town
Mr. Sloane
Bonnie Boudreau (demo)
Wonderful Dog (demo)

cast of Sleeparound Town
Cast of *Sleeparound Town*, produced at Playwrights Horizons, New York, 1982:
(*from left*) Jason Underwood, Jenelle Berrien, Carl Trampon, Christine Langner, William Morrison.

Biology & You

"BIOLOGY AND YOU is an ambitious piano/vocal "song cycle" about sex. Kernochan experimented with raw language set against elegant piano arrangements, writing in a succession of character voices, including men. She performed the 20-minute result at the Boarding House in San Francisco in 1975. Critical and audience reaction ran the gamut from rave to revulsion.