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Sleeparound Town

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In my dream,
I'm flying high above the ground,
Bare foot girl,
In a creamy nightgown

Far away I see the beds are turning down,
Another night in Sleeparound town

In my dream I sing and windows open wide,
Pillow cases, breath up and down

Warming to my song the blankets curl away,
From the shores of Sleeparound town

Who will take me?
Who will pull the shade?
Who will keep me from going crazy?

From between my legs the moon seems upside down,
In the skies of Sleeparound town


Beware the baron his cheezy breath his greasy cape,
Twisting his words lifting skirts with his cane,
Hold tightly to your sheets he's creeping through the streets,
Cling together closely you may never meet again

In my dream,
I have no home,
I have no home,
So I sleep around town

Wide awake,
In Sleeparound town,
All alone (no chaperone)
In Sleeparound town,
On the loose,
In Sleeparound Town


Music & Lyrics © 1975 Sarah Kernochan