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Wonderful Dog

Good dog, dumb dog
Wonderful dog

Always waiting here after school
Never late or breaking the rules
Since you were a twinkle in your mom's eye
You were my good dog
You can also be lazy and dull
Don't have to live up to your potential
When I was a little thorn in my mom's side
She said she cried
I don't know
Why you love me so
Good dog, dumb dog
Wonderful dog

My teachers think I'm stupid
From banging my head against the wall
They'd be overwhelmed
If they knew what I know from what I saw
Grandpa was took away in a zipper bag
Tuesdays they pick up the dirtys
Fridays they deliver the cleans
Benedict Arnold was a traitor
He was buried in a garbage can
Don't cross your eyes or they stay that way forever
You see now how I am cunning
I pretend I am a dummy
I think that is smart don't you
Sure you do
You dumb dog

Once you learn to count you learn to beg
Go fetch a stick, go fetch somebody's leg
I can light your ears and smoke your tail
And inhale you dumb dog
Soon you will be old and biting babies
You'll have bad breath and a limp and rabies
And when you get the electric chair
I will be there
You must say to God that you just did
What you were told
I don't know
Why you love me so
Good god, dumb dog
Wonderful dog


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