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After leaving RCA and turning to a career in literary fiction and screenwriting, Kernochan continued to write songs occasionally. In 1999 she learned MIDI software, moved the new equipment into her dining room, and spent the following years recording songs both old and new. "I think I did some of my best work at this point," she says. "Playing all the 'instruments' and recreating exactly the arrangements I heard in my head was unbelievably liberating. Except for the drums, which I suck at." The result is her third album *Decades of Demos*, which she released digitally in 2013.

House of Pain

Beat Around The Bush
"Not your average chick singer."
--- Tom Hull in the tabloid Overdose

"...has a wicked, ominous smirk about it capable of inducing acute castration anxiety..."
--- Tom Nolan in Rolling Stone

"...give me this over Carly Simon on a desert island any day."
--- Peter Laughner in CREEM

"A lost unknown classic"
--- Randy Darrah.

House of Pain and Beat Around The Bush were released in 1973 & 1974 on RCA Records. The music on these albums is hard to categorize. At once smile provoking, but with an edgy, knowing intelligence, the songs visit themes encompassing the profound, the ironic, and the bizarre. Sarah's piano stylings are often phrased with a tension that adds greatly to the merriment. House of Pain features the great Tony Levin on bass. - Jim Quist

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Original LP cover
House of Pain.

RCA ad for House of Pain.
Sarah's feature film "The Hairy Bird" (aka, All I Wanna Do) contains 3 newly written Kernochan songs. The song The Hairy Bird, which runs over the closing credits, is a delightful parody that truly could induce castration anxiety in more sensitive listeners. That song marked the re-birth of the singing group The Fingernails. Starlight, Starbright, and Girlfriends For Life are both newly written songs straight out of the 1960s, and both recorded by the great Darlene Love.