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SLEEPAROUND TOWN   (Songs of Puberty)   by Sarah Kernochan    -    Page 24
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FINALE (continued)

Let me win on your game shows
Throw me some clothes
And sufficient postage
Hear me for I hold as hostage
The harlot starlet in the blinding white negligee

Frozen in your headlights
Noses in your taillights
Ghostin' on your screen
Hi it's open sores and ovebites!
Listen listen I can't help the way I look
It is written it is written in the book
isn't that what you ordered what you wanted
May Day! May Day!
Call off your dogs, your planes
Please no hoses, no flames
This is how I make a living
Now and ever shall be giving
Peace! Love! Today's fish! Make a wish!
Please save me
Bang you missed
Bang, bring the missus half-price
Bang, no dice
Ev'rybody likes the Saturday night fights
Bang, boo, hiss
Read me my last rites
Last ramp! Offramp!

He is risen he is risen
Roll the credits
Let it be a lesson
If he hollers let's get'im
He's ugly and stupid and crazy

You made me what I am
You made me what I am today
Born bad born bad born badly made
O come all ye haul me away

Who will take me?
Who will pull the shade?
Who will keep me
From going crazy....
In my dream I wake, the Late Late Show is done
No more picture, no more sound
Blue snow falls on all the channels
Piling up against the doors
Of Sleeparound Town
Wide awake in Sleeparound Town
All alone (no chaperone) in Sleeparound Town
On the loose in Sleeparound Town


© 1981 Sarah Kernochan

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