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SLEEPAROUND TOWN   (Songs of Puberty)   by Sarah Kernochan    -    Page 14
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BOY'S BUNK (John Luke, Wayne, Henry)

JOHN LUKE: Yo, Henry. How can you sleep? Well I woke up this morning and I saw--I shot up seven feet! My voice sounds like one of those horns--Ow-ooga! And bush! bush! everywhere bush! I shaved my chin. I shaved my nose. I was shaving my elbows...when I heard a crash! and by balls came tumbling down.

HENRY: Oh no! Anything but that, I'd rather sleep.

JOHN LUKE: Boy are you a douche.

WAYNE: Completely out to lunch.

JOHN LUKE: What's wrong with him anyway?

Could be
It's your time of puberty
Your changing body chemistry
You feel depressed
And worms grow outa your chest
And under your arms
Yech! Yech!

Could be
You've got Barney's Beatoff Disease
From wrinkled sheets and wet magazines
You eyes run pus
And your hands turn to mush
And your brains shoot out of your ears
Yech! Yech!
And your nails disappear
Your veins'll pop and your voice will drop
And your appetite will increase
There's hair in your nose that grows and grows
And your skin is cooking with grease
There's no cure!
You're mature!
Yech! Yech!

Could be tapeworm
Could be you need to be wormed
His dog acted just like you
He gave the worm germ to his mom
And now she's acting crazy


© 1981 Sarah Kernochan

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