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SLEEPAROUND TOWN   (Songs of Puberty)   by Sarah Kernochan    -    Page 13
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Oh God hear my prayer
Tell me what to wear

I could wear the navy
But flannel's for babies
I can't wear white ruffles my neck is so fat
Pantyhose shows the scabs
And the bumps on my calves
And vertical stripes make me look like a rat
Well, pink is so juvenile
Orange is really vile
Blue jeans just make me look awkward and odd
I just hate my face, if
I could erase it
And nothing looks good on my horrible bod

I haven't got a personality
I haven't got anything to say
I've got a fake personality
That gets me by okay
I can't be friends with the girls anymore
They've seen me without a towel
I can't be friends with the boys anymore
They're on the prowl
I will clothe my precious mystery
In blouses and skirts and scarves
No one will discover my mystery
I'd rather starve
I'll starve

Well, yellow is icky
And purple is pukey
I wonder if freckles are leprosy spots
If I pull on my nose
Every morning it grows
Straight and narrow instead of all crooked and squat
Well flowers are too square
And plaid is a nightmare
I've just got no talent for fashion or style
And I'd never come downstairs
At all, but my mom says
I've got one good feature, my beautiful smile


© 1981 Sarah Kernochan

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