BackSarah, with cello.

Family quartet, with her brothers, ca. 1958

Sarah, with harpsichord, age 10.

Sarah with harpsichord, age 10
Sarah with Glenn Close, 2011: girlfriends since 1963.

The Fingernails

The Fingernails were a song-and-skit performing group Sarah formed when she was a student at Rosemary Hall, then an all-girls' boarding school in Greenwich, Connecticut. She wrote original songs and skits for the group, which numbered five girlfriends, among them the future actress Glenn Close. When Sarah came to direct her script of ALL I WANNA DO some 34 years later, she reconvened the Fingernails to record the end-credits song, which she wrote to be the kind of Top-40 parody the group used to do. "The Hairy Bird" spoofs the Shangri-Las' "Leader of the Pack" and "Give Him A Great Big Kiss." Sarah sings lead, though the first voice one hears on the track is Ms. Close's.

The Fingernails are (left to right)
Terry Craigmyle, Susan O'Hara, Wendy Winslow,
Glenn Close, Sarah Kernochan, and Shelley Miller.

Sarah, Central Park tunnel, making of Thoth.

THOTH was shot on digital video over a period of five months in 2001. It was completed in September and played briefly at the Cinema Village theater in October in order to qualify for the Academy Awards Documentary Short Subject category.

Sarah, Santa Fe, 2003.

Photo, James Lapine

Sarah, 2005.

Sarah and daughter Phoebe Lapine
Signing books on Martha's Vineyard, 2011.
Both had books published within months of each other.

Sarah, Tony Awards, 2014.

Sarah and husband James Lapine, 2016

Sarah, 2016.
photo credit: Olivia Bee
for Violet magazine.